Ello offers more than fresh breath. We want to impact the world around us. Ello is proud to announce its partnership in donating 1% of its profits to Skate for Change.  Skate for Change is a non profit that helps people in need, via skateboarders from around the country. Mike Smith is the founder of Skate for Change and also an inspirational speaker, skater and all around good dude!  When Mike speaks to students from around the country he challenges students to live a meaningful life, one with purpose.

"Your leaving a legacy on this world whether you realize it or not. What you do with your life will boil down to one question: What do you want to be remembered for?" 

You can find the Skate for Change colab on the back of all new packs of Ello Gum.  Join us and make a difference one person at a time!